GuitarThinker Creator Agreement

Being a GuitarThinker creator gives you the opportunity to use GuitarThinker tools to build diagrams, lessons, and quizzes for your students and for the world.

Creating content on GuitarThinker gives you:

  • A platform to grow your brand
  • An opportunity to promote your Youtube videos and other offerings
  • Tools to share your wisdom with your students and musicians around the world


  • At this time, GuitarThinker is not offering payment for content or lessons
  • GuitarThinker will own content you create on the platform, including diagrams, lessons, quizzes, and all other original content
  • GuitarThinker may not, and does not have to publish or promote content you create
  • GuitarThinker can edit or change content you create
  • Ultimately, GuitarThinker is the editor and arbiter of all content on the platform
  • Your content or account can be removed, deleted, or modified at any time

How It Works

After being awarded creator status, you will have access to create diagrams, lessons, and quizzes. Newly created content will go into an "unpublished" state, and will remain inaccessible to the public until it is published by a GuitarThinker admin. It is likely there could be edits or modifications made directly to the content, or requested to be made by you, before before publishing.

The Goal

Ultimately, the goal is to give the world better tools and content than it had before. We would love to work together to make this dream a reality!