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Studying guitar CAN be fun. Practicing music theory SHOULD be engaging. We musicians should have first class tools to develop our skills, and a multiplayer gaming platform to make it exciting. has:

Free games that are designed to keep your skills sharp, all with leaderboards that encourage competition.

A master GuitarThinker leaderboard that tracks points scored for all games.

Mobile friendly design.

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Here's what I think:

There is a serious lack of cool web 3.0 tools for musicians. What does that mean? Stuff like live data, interactivity, mobile device compatibility, and great looking design. Why? Well, probably because music education is not a super lucrative market, or maybe just because most musicians are not also programmers.

GuitarThinker to the rescue!

This site will be a fun place to visit, learn, come back and see what's new. GuitarThinker will be a place to compete with yourself and others, because competetion motivates us.