You can't always be playing, but you can be thinking

GuitarThinker lessons can help you build up your mental muscles while you are away from a fretboard, as well as be a guide while you are practicing guitar.

GuitarThinker quizzes are designed to help you lock in what you've learned, and badges for each quiz prove to yourself and to the world that you've mastered the knowledge.

Guitar Thinking

The best guitar players can be described as Guitar Thinkers. Guitar "thinking" is being thoughtful with note selection, chord progressions, and sometimes playing less rather than more, focusing on the "right" note, or the "interesting" note or chord.

What exactly does it take to become a Guitar Thinker? Consistent learning and practicing is the key. The goal of GuitarThinker is to help you consistently study and explore, and to build the mental models necessary to play thoughtfully.

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