Guitar Lesson

1 5 6- 4

Difficulty: beginner

Let's talk about a common chord progression in Pop Music that is easy to learn and remember. The chord progression has just 4 chords. The 1st, 5th, 6th, and 4th chords in a Major key, played in that order.

Notated with Nashville Numbers: 1 5 6- 4

Notated with Roman Numerals: I V vi IV

Practice these chord progressions for maximum Pop Music preparation!

Key of C Major: C G Am F

Key of D Major: D A Bm G

Key of E Major: E B C#m A

Key of G Major: G D Em C

Key of A Major: A E F#m D

The above video goes through a bunch of Pop Music tunes that all share this same chord progression. It uses the key of D Major throughout. To play along, use these chords:

D A Bm G