A Cool Amaj9 Chord Progression

Difficulty: advanced

Check out this YouTube video from Ruben Wan in which he quickly goes through a really neatly arranged chord progression, starting and ending with some beautiful Amaj9 shapes. Be sure to check out the diagram collection link below, to see the movement between these shapes, and take the quiz.

In the video, Ruben refers to this progression as Amaj9 - Amin9 - G#min7 - Cdim7 - C#min11. I'd like to make two small amendments. There seems to be an F# present in the Amin9, and no audible B, so let's call it an Amin6. Also, the Cdim7 seems to include a G# in the melody instead of a Gb, so let's call it a Cmin6#5. The amended progression, and the shapes listed below, are:

Amaj9 - Amin6 - G#min7 - Cmin6#5 - C#min11



Amaj9 is made up of the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th notes of the A major scale. This shape leaves out the 5th (E) which is common. Press the notes/tones buttons below this diagram to study the chord construction.